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Our proven survey and programs boost resilience and improve learning outcomes for young people.


Gain insight

Draw on the insight of young people’s voice. Use our proven survey to identify your students’ resilience profile.

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Take action

Use your Resilience Survey data to plan resilience building actions. Know where to start and
what to do next on the journey
to resilience.

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See long-term success

We are specially equipped to support teachers, schools and communities achieve their
long-term goals. 

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The largest survey of its kind in Australia

A practical user friendly survey designed for schools.


Scientifically validated

The Resilience Survey includes three scientifically validated and internationally accepted measures.

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Designed for educators

Our plain English reports and facilitated workshops lead to productive next steps.

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Unmatched dataset

We have an unmatched dataset of over 160,000 young Australian students, providing powerful insight into youth resilience.

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An extensive range of programs

We run an extensive range of resilience programs in partnership with schools and communities. Explore our range of workshops for students, teachers and parents.


Students Create the Future

Activating resilience through student led change projects.

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One-day training plus school program dedicated to empowering students to facilitate student led games at recess and lunchtimes.

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Data Insights workshops

Delve into your Resilience Survey data and discover how you can apply these findings to create meaningful change within your school culture.

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What’s the power of resilience?

Increased resilience leads to improved learning outcomes.

For young people to enjoy positive relationships, good mental health and a strong motivation to learn, resilience is essential.  Our mission is to empower students to drive their own wellbeing and learning.


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