Establishing norms for the mental wellbeing of young Australians

We are proud to announce the publication of our peer-reviewed article “Establishing Norms for Mental Well-Being in Young People (7-19 years) using the General Health Questionnaire -12” in the September edition of the Australian Journal of Psychology.


This paper was written in collaboration with our research partners at the University of South Australia. The lead author is Dr. Stephanie Centofanti, a member of the team lead by Professor Kurt Lushington.

Read the paper here.

The article is a significant contribution to our understanding of the mental health of Australian school aged children. The article demonstrates the efficacy of the GHQ12 as a measure of student mental health and, importantly, sets norms for Australian female and male school students from 8 years of age.

Additional research using the latest Resilient Youth dataset of 250,000 Australian students, demonstrates:

1. the clear linkages between mental health, learning engagement and bullying; and

2. the severe impact of bullying on levels of mental health.

We believe these findings are significant and have clear implications for educators and policymakers everywhere!

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Andrew Wicking