Developing respectful relationships

Respectful relationships are vital in our lives, but developing them isn't always as straightforward as we would hope. What can help us however is gaining an understanding of what is needed to create respectful relationships...


This is where the Relationship Quotient comes in. Andrew Fuller (Resilient Youth), John Hendry (Resilient Youth, OAM Education) and Neil Hawkes (Valued-Based Education) have joined forces to help people to develop a Relationship Quotient to serve as a guide to creating these high quality relationships that are so important for us all.

Fuller, Hendry and Hawkes will explore the main attributes of a Relationship Quotient across a series of papers. Readers are invited to have a conversation about how to develop these attributes in the two main relationships within all of our lives: our relationship with ourselves and with other people.

The basic values of the RQ are:

  • Trust
  • Forgiveness
  • Integrity
  • Hope
  • Compassion

Resilient Youth is pleased to be able to share the Relationship Quotient papers with you in the form of downloadable pdf documents. 

The first two in the series of six papers are available now in the Free Resources section of our website. Click here to go there now.

Andrew Wicking