Brainy Breaks

Free games for you to try


Heads and Tails

Active Level: *


All participants stand and decide which of the following positions they will select:

HEADS – Both hands on head

TAILS – Both hands on butt

HEADS AND TAILS – One hand on head, one hand on butt

Two coins are tossed and the participants who have chosen the correct combination remain standing. The others are eliminated and sit down.

The remaining participants are able to change their position, if they choose. The coins are tossed again, and more are eliminated, until a winner is declared.

Equipment: Two coins

Safety: Toss coins away from group

Easier: Just use one coin for younger groups.

Harder: A quick game is a good game.


Finger Fencing 

Active Level:***


Participants pair up and link right hands with index fingers pointing to the other person in the pair. ‘En garde” signals the start of the game. Participants, still holding hands, attempt to touch their opponents’ knee in the allocated time, while trying to protect their own knee.

Equipment: None

Safety: Focus group on the fun of the game rather than win/lose. Pairs need to look out for each other and not play roughly. Spread out in designated space and keep clear of other pairs.

Easier: Shorter time period.

Harder: Use left hand. Longer time period.