An evidence-based approach to resilience building

Creating real change requires data and measurement, which is why the Resilience data we provide gives schools like those in the Connect 6 cluster the opportunity to truly measure the effectiveness of their efforts and spark meaningful change within their students and school communities.



Connect 6 Cluster of schools in Tasmania


The Connect 6 cluster is a group of six schools in Tasmania whose students in Grades 3-10 have been undertaking the Resilience Survey since 2014. The schools in this cluster are Evandale Primary, Glen Dhu Primary, King Meadows High, Longford Primary, Perth Primary and Youngtown Primary.


The Connect 6 cluster is particularly passionate about using Resilience Survey data and protective factors to influence their approach to education, saying

"Resilience Youth Survey is a key data set our schools are using to ensure that our students develop the assets necessary to be emotionally healthy. Empowered and successful learners are those who are socially and emotionally healthy, have a sense of belonging and are well connected to their family, friends and local community."

With data collected over time, the Connect 6 Cluster say they are now able to respond to areas of strength or need as identified through the Resilience Survey. 

Recently the C6 schools have invested time and effort into sleep and the use of social media from 10pm-6am and found that there appears to be a correlation. This is in line with our data that suggests young people aren’t getting enough sleep and that screen time is the reason for this.

We can’t wait to hear more about the great work happening within the C6 cluster and commend them for their commitment to the wellbeing of their students and resilience within their school communities.