Whole school wellbeing week

Yarravillle West Primary participated in the Resilience Survey through the Department of Education and Training program in 2015/2016.


Yarraville West Primary School, Yarraville, Victoria


In response to the Resilience Survey results Yarraville West set about empowering their kids with a Wellbeing Week whole school approach.  Activities have focused on several aspects of building resilience and promoting wellbeing as a whole school community but driven by the Grade 3 / 4 wellbeing student committee. The week launched with a wellbeing assembly opened by the senior choir. Every student in the school wrote their personal wellbeing wishes on yellow ribbons which were displayed around the school. Students dressed in yellow to promote positivity and happiness, and free bananas were given out.  Smiling Mind meditation sessions were run for children and parents along with inspirational motivational speakers.  Friendship songs were performed by individual students, face-painting facilitated by the Grade 5/6 students along with a whole school drumming workshop to bring the community together.


The events were a huge success putting school wellbeing and resilience building front and centre. Students were not only asked their thoughts and feelings through participation in the Resilience Survey but empowered and involved in the next steps to planning and delivering activities to promote school connectedness, positive values and self worth.  Resilience is not built overnight, however the latest resilience survey results for Yarraville West indicate positive trends of 2-8% increases in empowerment and positive relationships.