We work with many committed local government councils and agencies to build more resilient young people.


Resilient Youth has established a reputation for working collaboratively and effectively with dozens of Councils to gain an understanding of the issues facing young people and to implement effective strategies to promote wellbeing that are context appropriate.

Currently we have ongoing multi-year partnerships with many metropolitan and regional councils across Victoria, based on a model of offering the Resilience Survey and associated Council services directly into schools.

Partnership with Resilient Youth has many benefits for Council:

  • Take the ‘resilience’ temperature of your LGA. Resilient Youth provides scientifically valid and reliable data about the resilience and wellbeing of your young people, invaluable for informing program and policy development;
  • Enables Councils to measure the resilience and wellbeing of all young people in the local context, on an unprecedented scale;
  • Provides a breakdown of data across suburbs and postcodes;
  • Pin-points where early intervention is needed. Identify strengths and gaps, providing data for preventative actions to be taken much earlier, before issues emerge;
  • Embeds in Council process and school curriculum a year on year survey process, which reveals rich patterns of youth development over time;
  • Benchmarks local evidence-base against our unmatched national dataset;
  • Develops a common language and evidence-base between Councils and Schools encouraging alignment of resources and objectives;
  • Collaboration between Resilient Youth and each Council facilitates closer relationships with local schools and in many instances has proved a catalyst for sustainable local partnerships.

As one of our Council partner’s put it: “Fundamentally, what cannot be seen and measured, cannot be effectively managed or addressed”. 

The Resilience Survey is a highly credible tool. Reports are very user-friendly and enable immediate application.

Want more detail?  

We also offer a comprehensive statistical analysis service for Councils/organisations including geo-mapping.   

Our success means that we have council champions, in both metropolitan and regional local government settings, who would be more than happy to discuss with you their Resilient Youth experience.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how together we can improve the resilience of the young people in your area.