Data Insights &
Statistical Analysis

The Resilience Survey is a powerful tool for initiating directed, purposeful conversations with young people themselves as well as with teachers and parents, leading to an informed and practical learning improvement agenda.


We have extensive experience analysing Resilience Survey data and facilitating purposeful conversations based on your results.

We offer two flagship services to help you get the most out of your data, including greater learning improvement for your students.

Data Insight session

Our experienced staff will work with you to develop a resilience profile of your young people, as indicated by your Resilience Survey data. 

We offer on a per school basis:

1. 60-90 minute discussion by phone or video conference call designed for a small leadership team at $295.00+ GST;

2. 90-120 minute discussion in person at your school designed for the school leadership team or teaching staff team at $495+ GST*.

The focus of these sessions is a 'walkthrough' of your data and an orientation to the evidence-base it establishes.

These sessions are designed to give you the tools, and confidence, to get the most out of your Resilience Survey data.

* For metropolitan Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane. For other locations add travel. 

To make a booking or find out more, contact us.


Professional Development Workshop:

Professional Development Workshop: "Building a Resilient School”, designed for the whole school staff. 

The focus of this workshop is the nexus between resilience and academic performance and how to build a resilient school, beginning with your Resilience Survey evidence-base. In this workshop you will: 

  • learn about the 6 evidence-based factors that lead to 4 big resilience benefits;
  • see how your resilience goals map to the Australian Curriculum;
  • scan and assess your school's resilience culture; 
  • review your school's Resilience Survey data in the context of national trends;
  • kick-start your resilience building in practice through our innovative 'multilayered plan' template;
  • learn about our exclusive 'Resilience Process' for successfully communicating and implementing you resilience plan;
  • participate in our dynamic Teacher Resilience & Wellbeing session

We offer on a per school basis:

1. Full-day workshop for all staff at $1950.00+ GST*

2. Half-day workshop for all staff at $1450.00+ GST* (excludes our Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing session)

* Above costs for Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide/Sydney metro schools (60km radius from Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide/Sydney CBD). For schools, outside of this region travel/accommodation costs will apply.

Want to make a booking or learn more? Get in touch with us.


Statistical Analysis service

Schools and councils can access our exclusive statistical analysis service. We have in-house statisticians and formal partnerships with some of Australia’s leading universities, which enables us to provide a scientifically rigorous, deep analysis of your data - otherwise out-of-reach for most schools and communities. This service can help to set your resilience and learning improvement agenda for years to come.


Statistical Analysis service

Pricing will be determined from scope of project and the number of hours required.  Statistical analysis service is charged at an hourly rate. Get in touch to find out more.