Frequently asked questions


What is resilience?

At Resilient Youth, we define resilience as the ability to draw upon the strengths within yourself and around you to flexibly respond to life while remaining true to yourself and creating positive relationships with others.


Who can do the Resilience Survey?

We provide both a Primary School Resilience Survey, appropriate for students in Years 3-6, and a Secondary School Resilience Survey, for students in years 7 -12. 


What kind of questions does the Survey ask?

The Resilience Survey asks young people 99 questions about their lives in and out of school. The survey asks young people about their thoughts and feelings related to school, family, friendships, community and themselves.


What are some example questions?

“Do you feel safe at school?” “Do you have 2 or more groups of friends?” “Do you have an adult in your life who listens?” “How many times have you been bullied in the last 12 months?”


How long does the Resilience Survey take to complete?

The Resilience Survey is done by students online, in class time, and takes about 40 minutes to complete.   Older students in secondary school have reported doing the survey in 20-30 minutes.


When can we do the Resilience Survey?

The Resilience Survey can be scheduled at a time that suits you and your school. Ideally the survey will be completed within a 2-3 week window. We do not recommend surveying in the last term of the year.


What does the Resilience Survey cost?

Resilience Survey access is $4- $7 +GST per student per year (based on school size/years surveying).


How do we get started?

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and requirements.


What happens after the Survey?

Within 3-4 weeks you will receive a comprehensive 70-page report for each Year Level and an Executive Summary Report, presenting all Year Levels cross-sectionally.  In addition to the Resilience Survey, we provide a series of workshops and programs to assist schools and communities build motivated, resilient learners.


Are individuals identified in the report?

No. All survey responses are anonymous and students non-identified. The Resilience Survey is a cohort-based analysis only. All students use the same school login details, ensuring confidentiality to encourage honest and open responses. 


Are the Resilience Survey Reports confidential?

Yes.  The Resilience Survey results from any one school or community are strictly available only to that school or community.  We do not compare individual schools against each other and ensure the privacy of each school’s data.


Do all school students need to do the Survey?

The survey is available for students Grade 3 through to 12. We strongly advise that as many students as possible complete. This will provide a more meaningful dataset.


Can we do the Resilience Survey year on year?

Yes, in fact this is the best approach. Collecting data year on year will reveal patterns and trends in the data that a one-off survey cannot show.