Frequently asked questions


Who can do the Resilience Survey?

The survey is suitable for ages 8-18+.


Can I review the questions?

Yes. We can provide you with login details to test-drive the survey for yourself.

Please contact us via phone: +61 476 282 927

Or email:

How long does the Resilience Survey take to complete?

20-30 minutes, age depending.


When can we do the Resilience Survey?

Whenever suits your schedule.


What does the Resilience Survey cost?

AUD$4 +GST per survey, on a multi-year basis.


How do we get started?

Contact us via phone: +61 476 282 927

Or email:


What happens after the Survey?

Go to your portal – your interactive data will be ready, and your reports available for immediate download.

Please contact us if you need us to re-send your portal login details.

Do you have other surveys?

Yes, new surveys are coming soon. Watch this space.

Do you provide post-survey support?

Yes, absolutely.

We believe that the quality of our post-survey support sets us apart.

Please go to the following page for more information:


Are individuals identified in the report?

No. All survey responses are anonymous and students non-identified.

The Resilience Survey is a cohort-based analysis only.

All students use the same school login details, ensuring confidentiality and encouraging honest and open responses.