Free resources for teachers and parents


Building Empowerment: Tips for parents

Empowerment is essential for young people. These tips are for parents who want to work on building empowerment of children in the home.

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Building adult connections: Tips for parents

Developing high levels of adult support assists your child in feeling safe in a supportive family.

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Building boundaries: Tips for parents

Young people perform better when they have clear rules and consequences, and when they know that the adults in their lives expect the best of them.

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Building educational engagement: Tips for parents

Disengagement from school amplifies risky behaviours. Parents can build engagement and look for signs of disengagement.

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Building positive values: Tips for parents

Developing and deepening personal values is a crucial aspect of a young person's development, becoming deep commitments that guide how they think and act.

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Resilience building activities: Tips for parents

Research shows that an effective approach to raising healthy, competent kids is to concentrate on building resilience. 

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