Games to Grow Resilience

It’s time to put the FUN back into the fundamentals of classroom teaching.


This Professional Learning day will assist you in engaging and extending your students, by incorporating fun and games into the curriculum.

The Games to Grow Resilience full-day workshop is an outstanding opportunity to add a touch of sparkle to your classroom, reflect on your teaching practice, add to your professional ‘Bag of Tricks’.

Games to Grow Resilience will help to build teamwork, communication, self-confidence and creative thinking in your students.

Additionally, games are an effective tool to address and assess your student’s Personal and Social Capabilities.

Games include:

•             Ice breakers

•             Problem solving, cooperative games

•             Indoor and outside games for fun and learning

Take this opportunity to build on your skills, learn new games and activities and share your experiences with other teachers.

We will provide you with a raft of games and activities, a framework to create dynamic classrooms where your students can be locked on to creative learning.

Our aim is to send you back to school energised with ideas and games, ready to put into action first thing Monday morning!

Who is it for?

Games to Grow Resilience is designed for classroom teachers at both Primary and Secondary levels across all subjects.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is dependent on location and numbers. Please contact us to find out more!