PLAY (Positivity, Leadership and Activated Youth) is a program designed to enhance the resilience and wellbeing of young people. 


Play is excellent for intellectual and cognitive development skills.
In short, it’s good for development of young brains.

It is a full one-day onsite (at your school) training program for up to thirty (30) Grade 5/6 student leaders. Through the program training, school Student Leaders learn how to facilitate safe and fun games for other students, including younger students, at school during lunch times and recess throughout the year.

The program provides a platform for students to support each other, practice positive values, take responsibility and develop their leadership abilities. 

The PLAY program both directly and indirectly supports teachers to meet many of the General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum, specifically covering the Personal and Social Capability domain.

The PLAY program was designed and delivered in UK schools by Andy Delaney as a London 2012 Olympics project. PLAY was subsequently adapted for delivery in Australia by the South Australian Department of Education and Childhood Development and by Resilient Youth with permission from Andy Delaney. PLAY has proven to be a popular and highly effective anti-bullying program. Please contact us for more information including student and teacher evaluations of PLAY.


How does play build resilience?

It builds student empowerment

It reduces the incidence of bullying

It creates a sense of belonging

Students learn the importance of positive values

It teaches the value of rules

Builds student responsibility


PLAY: A year long school program

Participating schools are provided with a toolkit that guides them through the process of selecting student leaders and any ongoing questions around the management of the program. On the day our two experienced facilitators will come into your school to deliver the program.  Resilient Youth PLAY facilitators are experienced teachers with current VIT teacher registration and/or Working with Children Checks.

The focus for the morning session is to introduce the program and interactively train students on some of the games and the skills they will need to run the PLAY program in their school.  The afternoon session is practical and involves student leaders facilitating some of the games they have learnt with a group(s) of younger students under the supervision and guidance of our experienced trainers.

By the end of the day your PLAY student leaders will have the confidence to continue running this program with the support of a dedicated teacher(s)-in-charge.


What schools are saying

“Some PLAY leaders have really blossomed in their leadership skills and confidence, which has been fantastic.”

PLAY has been a great program to reinforce our positive school culture. Plus the kids can’t get enough of it!”

“Our student leaders have stepped up and now also run sessions for transitioning kindy (foundation) students.”



PLAY one (1) day training
$1595 + GST per day per school
(maximum 30 participants )

* Above costs for Melbourne metro schools. For schools outside of this region travel/accommodation costs will apply.