Resilient Youth Data Ethics & Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and use of data

We seek to ensure both the protection of individual rights to privacy and confidentiality and that the information we collect benefits participants.

Data collection

Resilient Youth Australia Limited is strongly committed to the confidentiality and use of data. We are subject to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth.), including the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Act.

Our surveys are anonymous, and all collected data is non-identifiable.

As defined by the Act, we collect no identifiable ‘personal information’ and no ‘sensitive information’ at all.

Data Use

Survey results from any one school or community are strictly available only to that school or community.

Aggregated data will be used by Resilient Youth for Australia-wide and related comparisons and interpretation and will be made available to government and community agencies to inform future policy.

Academic and other researchers may apply to use General Release datasets for their research.


All data is stored on servers in Melbourne, Australia.