Statistical Analysis

Deep dive into your data and get the most out of it with our Statistical Analysis service.


Statistical Analysis service

Schools and Councils can access our exclusive Statistical Analysis service.

Resilient Youth has an in-house statistician and formal partnership with one of Australia’s leading universities. This enables us to provide a scientifically rigorous, deep analysis of your data, and at low cost.

This service can help to set your resilience and learning improvement agenda for years to come.

Who is it for?

If you’re looking to uncover even more from within your Resilience Survey data, the Statistical Analysis service is exactly what you need. We can provide detailed longitudinal, geographic and qualitative analysis, and much more.

How much does it cost?

The Resilient Youth Statistical Analysis service costs $150+GST per hour, determined from scope of project and the number of hours required.

Contact the Resilient Youth team to discuss your goals further and we can provide an estimate based on your individual needs. Get in touch to find out more.