Students Create
the Future

Activating resilience through student led change projects.

Starting with the Resilience Survey students provide us with a detailed snapshot of what they are thinking and feeling in the Resilience Survey Report. The next step is about taking the thoughts and feelings of young people seriously, believing that they have something to contribute and want to do so. The Resilient Youth team is available to facilitate this process with giving students the opportunity to practice resilience through empowerment and responsibility.

Our Students Create the Future session provides space for students to revisit their Resilience Survey results, then move to devise and lead a change project.  


What does it involve?

Up to 20 students are selected by the school to participate in the Students Create the Future workshop held at the school during school hours. The three-hour workshop is facilitated by our experienced Resilient Youth team with this selected group.  


What they will achieve at the end of the workshop?

In the first half of the workshop students will have the opportunity to revisit their Resilience Survey results, both the areas of strength and concern. A discussion around some of these will be facilitated by our experienced team drawing out further insight and ways some of these areas can be celebrated, strengthened further or addressed. 

The second half of the workshop will encourage an exploration of ideas within smaller groups.  At the end of the workshop students will have decided on their project, have a work plan to enlist other students, teachers, parents and the community to assist them in achieving their Students Create the Future project.


How does it work?

The core idea is for students to devise their projects where teachers and adults do not direct, but rather offer their encouragement, expertise and support. To build resilience successfully students need to practice being resilient rather than be taught resilience. Empowering young people provides a huge opportunity to build resilience and impact their educational engagement, academic performance, and - most importantly - their lives. 

Students Create the Future is designed to build resilience by enhancing young peoples’ educational engagement, confidence, self- esteem, social skills, personal values and mental health. At the same time, the project helps to protect them against risky behaviours and enhance academic achievement.



Students Create the Future workshop $1500 + GST per workshop (7-20 participants)

* Above costs for Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide metro schools (60km radius from Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide CBD). For schools, outside of this region travel/accommodation costs will apply.