Resilience Survey

The Resilience Survey empowers students and educators, delivering powerful insights to create a Connected, Protected, Respected school culture.


The Resilience Survey is an online survey which collects, analyses and reports the resilience of young people in terms of their strengths, life satisfaction, hopefulness, anxiety and depression, coping style, and risk and protective behaviours.

Scientifically valid and reliable

The Resilience Survey was developed with the University of South Australia. The Survey incorporates four scientifically validated, reliable and internationally accepted measures: 

1. The Cantril Self Anchoring Scale (CSAS)

2. The Children’s Hope Scale (CHS)

3. Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-4)

4. The Coping Strategies Inventory [avoidance sub-scale] (CSI)

This means you can rely on the results as an accurate measure of the resilience and wellbeing of the young people in your school or community. It also provides a sound basis for planning and implementing targeted resilience building initiatives.


Easy to implement

The Resilience Survey is completed online and takes less than 30 minutes to complete.


Timely, actionable data

The Resilience Survey puts relevant, actionable data in your hands.

Your data is benchmarked against national norms from over 300,000 surveys administered across Australia.

Clear, user-friendly reports

You will have access to interactive reports about the young people right in front of you.

Our reports are interactive but also clear, concise and easy to comprehend. They are designed to facilitate thoughtful and informed conversation among young people, teachers and parents alike.

Our qualified staff will work with you to identify strategic planning opportunities suggested by the Resilience Survey results.


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